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Karen Ylitalo (L) and Cristina Masotti (R)

Karen Ylitalo (L) and Cristina Masotti (R)

Cristina Masotti began learning violin when she was three. Her commitment to musical expression is paralleled in her whimsical, optimistic approach to life. Business was not Cristina's first enterprise. Her early career centered around music but an entrepreneurial spirit crept in as she watched her father's business grow. 

Cristina's orchestral associations and years of violin instruction strengthened her ties to Sudbury's community. In her first foray into business, she owned and operated Soundscapes North providing event entertainment. In a spontaneous change of course she switched her focus and ventured into an unlikely field leading to her partnership with Karen Ylitalo. 

The two met as nurses. Karen had been nursing for 27 years, since her move to Sudbury. Cristina joined the field after a bout of illness affected her mother. The two found themselves sharing similarities. Both were mothers, obsessed with their respective bulldog duos and inspired creatively. Serendipitously, both were determined to start a business.

Besides what they have in common, their differences make them a perfect team. Karen brings intense dedication, bright inquisitive energy and a high standard of organization to form the harmony of One Sky. 

Karen is a talented visual artist. Since childhood she's loved to paint and experiment with medium. Having grown up on a dairy farm in French River, ON, a love for the environment has followed her through her life and shaped her artistry. 

There is no limiting a force like Karen Ylitalo. If you can name it chances are she can do it. Known by friends as a wordie, a gourmet chef and a generous spirit, she has a reputation for never arriving without a little something to give. 

Karen describes Cristina as "confident and gregarious" while Cristina describes her partner as "a firecracker" and "the life of the party." At the heart of their collaboration is a passion for the arts, for Sudbury, and a strong, loyal friendship.