Chicks Like Me and the Dads who Love Them

I don’t know what the best father in the world would look like. I don’t know how he would act, I don’t know him.

I’m not sure if there’s any perfect father that exists in life. I don’t think, personally, that I would want a perfect parent. That might scare me.

What I do know, and am eternally grateful for, is why my father is perfect for me in the following ways:

  1. He has always been an advocate for his children learning the world on our own volition.

  2. He has led by example by being loving, present, kind, fun, funny, generous, and accountable.

  3. His only priorities in life are to design a beautiful life for himself and for his family, and has accomplished this.

  4. His favourite thing is to be living the good life with laughter, food and conversation surrounded by his people, other people, or strangers.

  5. He bought my violin for me without a second thought.

  6. He defends my mother if and when necessary.

  7. You know what he thinks of you through his eyes. Disappointment is the worst (trust me). Happy to see you, of course, is the best. Actually, approving is the best, (and it’s just a very slight nod not a big hurrah). It’s like being a good human is just expected.

Recently in hospital, he said to my husband Quinn, “You know, when I die, I’m really going to miss me.”

He’s just a nice guy, he’s always been fun, and we’re going to soak up every minute we have left with him.

He’s at the end of his life, but his life’s not over yet, and it’s not over today.