Golden compass?


Beginning in the last quarter of 2018, I’ve been researching designers from across Canada, and I have reached out to many. One Sky began with the intent to feature artists and artisans from here in Northern Ontario, but it’s time to branch out. I remain devoted to our fine artists here in the North, and I remain open to receiving new work from our corner of the world. We have so much talent here, and I reserve space in the boutique for our Northern artistry.

Searching for the best designers in Canada could be, in itself, a full time job. I come across so many luxurious and beautiful brands on a daily basis, it’s overwhelming.

How do I choose? I have a criteria.

Is it beautiful?

If something appeals to me, I then bring it to my staff, who are considerably younger. I trust their judgement and aesthetic and look to them for advice. I also trust my own taste.

Is it purposeful?

Purpose for me doesn’t end at an item that is used for everyday function. It also means I can wear it, or I can gaze at it and appreciate it’s beauty (like fine art). It means that it elevates my space or life in some meaningful way.

Is it within my means?

I ask myself if I would purchase the item myself. If I love it enough to wish to own it, and am I willing to make the investment to have it.

Is it unique?

If the items can be found anywhere, why would I consider having it in my boutique? I love treasures that you don’t see everywhere you go.

Does it look nice on my shelf?

If it’s a health and beauty product, I want it to look nice as much as the next person. I care about packaging, and prefer glass over plastic.

Is the quality proven?

You can tell almost immediately if a company is ready to be showcased, and if their product is high quality. Small batch companies have no issue listing all of their ingredients. A firm policy of One Sky is to carry all natural products. We try everything that comes into One Sky so we can get behind it. I’m always asking for feedback from customers as well.

Does it complement the brands that One Sky already carries?

I do my best to carry products that don’t overlap with other lines. Sometimes they do, and that’s ok because it’s also nice to have a choice. There are subtle differences in the products if they are of the same ilk.

Is the price reasonable?

Most of the products carried at One Sky are on par, and many times less, than what one would pay at a major pharmacy or jewelry shop. What’s more, our pricing reflects each company’s prices. If they are sometimes a little higher than on the brand’s website, the price ends up being the same as it would be with shipping. I don’t mark up items unfairly.

I make my selections based on this criteria, and as I expand into the North, South, East and West of Canada, I am meeting so many exciting designers and makers who are highly skilled and passionate about what they do, and I am proud to offer them to you.

Most importantly, the finest handmade, original Northern and Canadian brands and artists is what One Sky is all about, and shall remain.