Neli Nenkova


"Togetherness" by Neli Nenkova
Limited Prints. /50. Red, /1

Print 11x15 unframed
Print 11x17 framed
Print 22x15 unframed
Print 18x24 framed
Print in red

about the artist

Neli Nenkova is a visual artist with more than 17 years of art experience in Europe and Canada. Neli is also a Provisional RGD Graphic Designer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design (3 years) from Cambrian College, Sudbury, ON.

Neli is a recipient of numerous art & design awards, with the latest including:

  • 50 Carleton Award for Logo Design
  • Studio 123 – Design Award for Northern Ontario
  • Most Promising Student Award – Cambrian College, Sudbury, ON, Canada

In 2016, Neli was one of seven finalists in the national competition for a new tourist logo of Bulgaria organized by Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Bulgaria. Neli is a recipient of a letter of recognition for arts from the Head of The Vatican State – John Paul II.

Neli Nenkova’s paintings are in public and private collections in France, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Greece, USA, Japan, Turkey, the Vatican, Canada et al.