ron langin

Watermarks #16, acrylic ink on yupo paper
24x18, framed 36x28

Watermarks #15, acrylic ink on yupo paper
24x18, framed 36X28

about the artist

I was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1949.  The Sudbury landscape and people are an endless source of inspiration for my work.  My unique perspective has been coloured by my involvement over the years with “The Drawing Circle”, a group of artists dedicated to the practice of life drawing; “The Malcontents”, a band of activists who accomplished their mission to save the Laurentian University Museum and Arts Centre at the Bell Mansion as a public gallery; and “The Cedar Collective”, a contrarian band of artists still full of life.

I had a solo exhibition in January 2004 at La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario entitled “The Memento Mori Project”.  It was a visual remembrance and homage to the deceased citizens of my community as well as an acknowledgement of my own mortality.  In June 2007, I created a video entitled “The News” with performance artists, at an event hosted by this Francophone artist run centre.

I was a participating artist in the “Burlington Art Centre/Art Gallery of Sudbury Exchange Project” which started in July 2008, to encourage and support regional artists’ connections with galleries and artist communities, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among Ontario artists.  The project culminated in a six week exhibition at the Burlington Art Centre in May, 2010 and a companion exhibition at the Art Gallery of Sudbury in September, 2010.

My solo exhibition of large encaustic paintings entitled “three, trois, tre” was shown at “Open Studio/Cambrian College” in September 2015.

My work has been shown in sixty group shows since 1985 in Sudbury and throughout the province.

I am fortunate to have several paintings in the Permanent Collection of the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

My ninth solo exhibition “terrain”, which is composed of thirty-two watercolour paintings, exploring the Western Canadian landscape, will be held at the Art Gallery of Sudbury in 2019.