+ DEMURE Curated Customizable Package +

Candle burning, the scent rising into the air like incense.

Delicate pendants that hover at base of neck, tiny bracelets that speak of quiet things.

A daisy chain, woven, for good luck, and dandelion wishes blown to the sky. 

A favourite book, open to the sun, an old envelope where a love letter once lived—there to remind her of where she left off…


- your choice of Two Sisters Body Butter (Awake, Energy, Breathe)
- a candle from Country Cabin Candles
your choice of Himalayan Salt & Sugar Scrub from Tree Top (Coconut & Lime, Lavender, Citrus Celebration)
- your choice of Linen & Body Spray from Tree Top (Vanilla Bean, Lemongrass Verbena, Energy)
- Envy Jewels stud stick earrings (select from Copper, Silver, Brass)
- foot balm from Two Sisters

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