Metal Straw-Labeille


Food grade, BPA free 18/8 stainless steel drinking straw. 

Canadians use over 57 million plastic straws a day. That’s over 20 Billion a year! Labeille's stainless steel drinking straws are the perfect alternative to help combat a plastic straw habit and keep you and your bevies looking cuter than ever. 

Stainless steel drinking straws will help you eliminate plastic from your household, reduce your exposure to plastic chemicals and give the environment some much needed relief. With all those things covered, how can you say no? 

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Labeille Co. is Canadian lifestyle brand dedicated to creating sustainable products for ethical and zero waste living and consumption without sacrificing style and aesthetics in the process. Labeille’s vision for their business is to help spread the seeds of hope and prosperity within communities across Canada through their collection of reusable bags, beeswax wraps, and straws. Every Labeille product is made locally in Alliston, Ontario with the environment and consumer in mind.