sunday market


+ SUNDAY MARKET Curated Customizable Package +

Sleeping in late, sun moving across the duvet until it wakes her slowly, and the scent of fresh coffee brewing.

Reading the Saturday Globe and Mail a day late, lingering over reviews of books and films, savouring the crossword puzzle.

A bike ride with her love, a shared picnic at the park, a tapestry of lilacs gathered on a June day.

Puttering in the back garden, pruning an out of control cedar hedge, putting together faery houses for her niece.

Buying homemade soap, tucking it deep into her bag, and then moving on to get some fresh tomatoes, basil, and pasta for supper.

Your Curated Customized Package Includes:

- a Savonnerie des Diligences soap
- Tree Top natural cream deodorant
- Beeswax Food Wraps Starter Pack from L’Abeille including two small and one medium wrap
- Olive Bean & Co candle of your choice
- Glass Feather from Metamorphosis Glass Works in your choice of colour

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