+ WANDERLUST Curated Customizable Package +

Drawn to the sound of lake water lapping against the curve of a canoe. 

Pulled by the moon’s phases and pushed by the tidal promises of a sea change in her life. 

Setting out to explore new roads, even the pathways that aren’t always clear. 

Following the wing of a dragonfly, all shimmer and gossamer. 

Feeling her heart beat, a pulse that leads her to travel, searching out places that she’s only ever dreamed of as a girl, but now wants to find as a woman.

Your Curated Customized Package Includes:

- Travel Soap from Savonnerie des Diligences
- One Sky Organic Cotton Make Up Wipes
- L’Abeille Metal Straw
- Adventure necklace from Dawning Collective
- Lighter’s Candle Co
Travel Candle
- Two Sisters’ Hand Salve and Hand Sanitizer
- your choice of wellness roll-on from Province Apothecary

Wellness Roll-On:
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