Trish Stenabaugh

 Windy Lake Shore 48" x 60", acrylic on canvas, unframed

Windy Lake Shore
48" x 60", acrylic on canvas, unframed


about the artist

A Sudbury-based artist who has exhibited her work in galleries around Ontario, Trish Stenabaugh has studied Art and Art History at the University of Toronto, Studio Art at Sheridan College, and Art Education at the University of Windsor. Although Stenabaugh is primarily trained as a painter, she also loves working with ceramics, jewelry design, textiles, and various mixed media. She works as an Art Instructor at St. Charles College in Sudbury, Ontario, and continues to practice her own art in her spare time. Her recent works can be seen at One Sky Gallery, and on the covers of two books, The Narcoleptic Madonna and Some Other Sky, by local poet Kim Fahner.

Stenabaugh’s works are mystical and evocative of those places that exist between the realms of imagination and what we commonly think of as 'reality'; Her use of colour and movement on the canvas draws the viewer into the work, inviting them to take part in an immersion into some other place that is not yet fully defined. She is not confined to one form or genre, and loves to experiment as a way to journey into, and through, the art she creates.